Products & Services

Expertise applied to every step of your project.

At Videon, we solve AV technology challenges for a range of industries. Our products help you move media from any source to any screen. And, we have a team of engineers who can customize those products to meet your specific needs. 

Boards. Software. Reference Platforms. 

Whether you're looking for boards, software or reference platforms, our customizable offerings will save you time and money. 

  • Our boards can be integrated into your product or purchased as a turnkey solution.
  • We partner with the leading SoC suppliers to offer unique access to the best silicon.
  • We are a licensee of many third-party technologies, which we can incorporate into your products.
  • We focus on our work process to help speed your project to conclusion.
  • Our in-house pre-qualification testing cuts down on time to release and increases reliability.

Our products and services include:

With a history of expertise in hardware and software, Videon ensures you deliver a superior product, improve speed to market and significantly reduce project risk.

The Classe brand name is synonymous with high quality. Through Videon, we were able to incorporate high-end video solutions to complement our audio design and fulfill our customers' aspirational needs.
Joe Atkins, CEO, Bowers & Wilkins