Todd Erdley Bio

Todd Erdley, CEO and Founder

Todd Erdley is the CEO and founder of Videon Central, a world-leading provider of ultra low latency, high resolution, and high performance streaming solutions. Videon has provided groundbreaking video technologies with every major technological advancement in video industry for more than twenty years. Many of the technologies that Mr. Erdley envisioned and that Videon developed have been commercially licensed and used in IFE (In-Flight-Entertainment), IVI (In-Vehicle-Infotainment) and CE (Consumer Electronics) products around the globe under some of the most respected Avionics, automobile and CE name brands.

A hallmark of Todd’s leadership style has been his encouragement of Videon employees to explore their ability to become the person they professionally dream of being. This begins with everyone understanding that all Videon employees and roles have equal importance.Todd received BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Penn State. He serves on a multitude of boards and, in his spare time, enjoys cycling the hills of Central Pennsylvania.