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Todd Erdley, CEO and Founder

Todd Erdley is the CEO and founder of Videon Central, a world-leading provider of ultra low latency, high resolution, and high performance streaming solutions. Videon has provided groundbreaking video technologies with every major technological advancement in video industry for more than twenty years. Many of the technologies that Mr. Erdley envisioned and that Videon developed have been commercially licensed and used in IFE (In-Flight-Entertainment), IVI (In-Vehicle-Infotainment) and CE (Consumer Electronics) products around the globe under some of the most respected Avionics, automobile and CE name brands.

A hallmark of Todd’s leadership style has been his encouragement of Videon employees to explore their ability to become the person they professionally dream of being. This begins with everyone understanding that all Videon employees and roles have equal importance.Todd received BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Penn State. He serves on a multitude of boards and, in his spare time, enjoys cycling the hills of Central Pennsylvania.



Enabling Low-Latency Interactive Streaming Applications for Worldwide Audiences

For media organizations to launch interactive services that increase audience engagement and grow their subscriber base, it is vital to overcome two significant obstacles: high latency and unsynchronized video.

To date, the conversation around latency has typically focused on the narrow, specific parameters needed to achieve very low latency within a room or between two buildings, primarily in KVM-type applications. That’s not going to change for workflows moving video from one to few, or even one to 1,000 devices. However, what happens when scaling up to send video from one point to half a million viewers all around the world, or more?

Videon CEO Todd Erdley to Present at Expo in Tokyo

Videon CEO Todd Erdley to Present on Low-Cost, Low-Latency Interactive Live Streaming at Video Communications Expo Tokyo

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — July 9, 2019 — In a presentation at the Video Communications Expo (VCOM2019) in Tokyo, Videon founder and CEO Todd Erdley will discuss how recent advances in edge compute encoding technologies are enabling affordable, low-latency, interactive live streaming for a wide range of emerging markets and applications. Leveraging his uniquely rich expertise in pioneering foundational media technologies, Erdley will present “Low-Cost, Low-Latency, Interactive Live Streaming Powered by Edge Encoding” at 3:30 p.m. on July 17 in the Aomi Exhibition Hall….

Sergio Epelbaum Transforms Live Surgical Streaming With Sonora

Prensario Magazine recently published a great article about how Sergio Epelbaum, founder of Argentina’s Vision Producciones, has been using Videon’s VersaStreamer to transform live streaming from the operating room during demonstrations at ophthalmological conferences.  Thanks Prensario!  [Read the Prensario article here in Spanish!]…

BlueFrame and Videon Enable Live Streaming Productions

BlueFrame Technology and Videon Team to Enable High-Quality, Cost-Effective Live Streaming Productions

Integration of BlueFrame’s Player Platform and Videon’s Online Video Encoding Platform/RESTful API Greatly Simplifies Remote, Multiuser Production Experience

LEXINGTON, Ky. and STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — June 7, 2019 — BlueFrame Technology and Videon announced today a technology integration aimed at simplifying live video streaming productions involving contributions from multiple sources and remote locations. The integration of Videon’s RESTful API into BlueFrame’s Remote Truck™ distributed production application greatly streamlines the contribution of content from remotely located Videon streaming encoders to the BlueFrame player platform.

Videon Products at InfoComm 2019

At InfoComm 2019, Videon will showcase its award-winning EdgeCaster Edge Compute Encoder that is ideal for applications and integration with solutions requiring low latency streaming. With EdgeCaster products, users can stream among buildings, between campuses, or around the world using a single device.

InfoComm 2019 Highlight: EdgeCaster Ultra-Low Latency Encoder
Videon’s EdgeCaster ultra-low latency, Edge Compute Encoder can simultaneously support point-to-point, low-latency streaming with SRT while also supporting worldwide low-latency streaming using an HLS/DASH/CMAF workflow.

Ideal for projects in the prosumer, pro-AV, and broadcast markets, EdgeCaster supports SRT technology, which allows users to stream from building to building or across campus simultaneously with the low latency of fewer than half a second. The EdgeCaster also uses edge compute encoding technology that bypasses a layer of cloud-based processing, resulting in worldwide latency of fewer than three seconds — from camera capture to playback — via public internet connection.

EdgeCaster leverages the capability of Qualcomm® technology to handle transcoding, format repackaging, and other heavy computational processes. With the processing power of the SnapDragon™ chip, EdgeCaster streams at resolutions up to 4K at 30 fps using either H.264 or H.265/HEVC compression. EdgeCaster can also output up to six streams simultaneously in multiple bit rates/resolutions using chunked HLS or DASH and has the flexibility to be powered via power over ethernet (PoE).

Company Quote:

“The extremely low latency of our EdgeCaster encoder and its ability to output multiple streams simultaneously make it ideal not only for delay-sensitive video applications, but also for sports, esports, security, betting, auctions, and other live events distributed to audiences across various platforms. Whether for local or global live streaming, EdgeCaster is an intuitive solution that offers users exceptional speed and image quality while providing a solution for a price that enables a wide range of new markets.”
— Todd Erdley, CEO, Videon

Company Overview:

Videon is a world-leading provider of ultra-low latency, high resolution, and high-performance streaming solutions that enable users in the prosumer, pro-AV and broadcast markets to simplify streaming workflows and reduce costs. Videon has also partnered with top software brands around the globe to incorporate its technology solutions into millions of devices. Videon actively supports its employees, its community, and the environment by emphasizing the belief that employees should care more about others than they do about themselves.

Videon simply moves media.

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nanocosmos and Videon Deliver Ultra Low Latency Workflow

nanocosmos and Videon Deliver Ultra Low Latency Live Streaming Workflow to Accelerate Rollout of Interactive Applications

Enabling One-Second End-to-End Latency and Two-Way Engagement, Workflow Supports New Generation of Interactive Auctions, Sports, and Other Live Events

BERLIN and STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — May 6, 2019 — nanocosmos and Videon today announced that they are partnering to provide an ultra low latency live streaming workflow based on Videon’s edge compute encoder technology and nanocosmos’ ultra low latency live streaming nanoStream Cloud. Enabling about one-second end-to-end latency and two-way active engagement, the new live streaming workflow will support emerging interactive applications such as auctions, sports, and other live events….