The Bandwidth Problem

We have been on a multi-week exploration of the dynamic changes happening in streaming. We have talked about the evolution of video standards. We have talked about the workflow. So where does this one word, bandwidth, come into play? Let’s walk back a bit to see just how big of a problem bandwidth is.


4K: Revolutionary, Evolutionary, or What?

As you likely know, Videon has been in the digital video business for over twenty years and with that comes a lot of exposure to a lot of different technology.

I recently got back from a major industry trade show (NAB – National Association of Broadcasters) and I wanted to share with you my observations and thoughts regarding technology and market trends associated with the ongoing evolution of digital video solutions. To start this, let’s first think about the revolution and evolution of digital video by rolling back the clocks to the start of time in the world of digital video.



It’s All About Workflow. Duh!


We recently attended the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB trade show. It was a huge coming out party for the overall 4K workflow as the number of announcements regarding pricing and products showed a very, very, very interesting trend. Remember back to the blog post about the biggest changes in video in the last 20 years? NAB represented that evolution in a big way for 4K. To understand, let’s think through what is needed to make a true 4K workflow.


Videon Announces Interoperability of Greylock 1080p H.264 Encoder/Decoder with AWS Elemental MediaLive

STATE COLLEGE, Pa.Aug. 29, 2018 — Videon, a leader in live streaming video encoding technology and cutting-edge 4K HEVC/H.264 solutions, is integrating its solutions with offerings from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure interoperability between its Greylock and Sonora products (1080p, H.264 encoder/decoder) and AWS Elemental MediaLive video processing.

Together, the two solutions support broadcast-grade live video processing for the professional AV and IT markets as the need for live streaming of events rapidly accelerates.

“By bringing together the power of AWS Elemental MediaLive and Amazon CloudFront, the AV/IT market now has access to a product that is simple to set up, easy to use, and enables confident delivery of live streamed events. Simply put, it is an opportunity for end users to experience live streaming with quality and confidence that is not typically possible,” said Todd Erdley, CEO of Videon Central.

Interoperability with AWS Elemental MediaLive is enabled through a RTMP output from Videon’s encoder products. AWS Elemental MediaLive creates multiple video streams for delivery to other AWS Elemental Media Services including AWS Elemental MediaStore and AWS Elemental MediaPackage and then is distributed to end users via Amazon CloudFront.

Videon will demonstrate its entire line of live streaming encoding solutions, including Shavano, a 4K HEVC/H.264 encoder, during IBC 2018 from Sept. 14 -18 in Amsterdam at the RAI. Videon’s team will be available for product demonstrations and meetings in booth 9.LP9.

About Videon

Videon Central, Inc. creates cutting edge streaming products that directly address industry needs. Our 4K and HD streaming products move media from any source to any screen, while our modules and services help manufacturers bring their products to fruition. Thanks to partnerships with leading silicon and software companies, Videon technology has been incorporated into more than 30 million devices. Videon simply moves media.

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