A history of personal commitment and industry vision.

In the mid-1990s, a small group of people were in the midst of a difficult corporate restructuring. For months, they faced complete uncertainty about the future and the hardship of living without paychecks. Ultimately, these people committed to one another and their shared vision: a company that could jump headfirst into the digital media revolution called DVD. In 1997, Todd and a group of co-founders created Videon Central.

Videon's founder Todd Erdley in office with dog Kona

In our early years, we became experts in optical disc technology, developing DVD and Blu-ray Disc navigators, boxes and in-flight entertainment applications. As the media market evolved to incorporate streaming media and more sophisticated video encoding processes, Videon evolved too. Now we play in the broadcast, streaming, and transportation industries, and our capabilities far outstrip the original optical disc focus.

While our expertise has expanded, the commitment our original founders made to each other continues to this day. We've fostered individual responsibility and ownership for all employees; here, everyone has different responsibilities but equal importance. This level of mutual trust, commitment and concerted effort does not end with our employees. It extends through all of our business intersections as we view our customers, current and potential, as partners. The word "partnership" is overused in corporate America, but it truly is the foundation of growth for Videon. It is our desire and ability to accommodate our customer's specific requirements that sets us apart. Our customers show their appreciation through repeat business and a willingness to refer us to others.

Videon's founders continue to work together to guide this company to an even brighter future. We continue to strive to remain at the forefront of technological advances and to maintain our strong commitment to each other---and to our partners.