Our Workspace

Let loose the dogs of Videon.

At Videon, we put a lot of effort into making our workspace work for us. Our space is designed not only to encourage interaction but also to make us work smarter. Plus you can bring your dog to work--how cool is that? In developing our workspace, we considered a number of requirements:

  • It has to be conducive to the kinds of work we do, so we have open spaces and meeting rooms where Scrum teams and other groups can coordinate.
  • It has to serve the needs of our employees, so we have a gym, large kitchen and other facilities employees can use to stay healthy.
  • And it has to be a comfortable place to spend time, so we focus on providing opportunities for relaxation, socialization and breaks from work.

Our Friendliest Co-Workers

Videon's offices are dog-friendly. Our canine friends help us relax at work, and having their dogs nearby helps our employees feel at home. In fact, Videon's dogs have been around since the very beginning of the company: Nalani, our founding dog, worked at Videon for thirteen years.