Reliable streaming products made in the USA.

When you're broadcasting, you can't stop to fix problems or change your setup. That's why you need products that simply work--the first time and every time. 

That's where Videon comes in. Our encoders, decoders, and players are reliable, versatile, and simple.They offer:

  • Both HDMI and SDI connections.
  • Configuration via a simple web user interface, and streaming at the push of a button. 
  • Trustworthy hardware from Intel and Qualcomm, with a dedicated manufacturing facility here in Central Pensylvania. 
  • The ability to support point to point, unicast, multicast and RTMP workflows. 
  • Access to Videon's stellar Customer Care team.
Our broadcast customers key in on the amazing versatility of the Videon products. They use the encoders and decoders for streaming to the cloud, point to point, multiple units for multi-bitrate encoding, and decoding streams into production environments. The applications are endless, and people see the value in that.
Eric Pratt, CTO, US Broadcast Distribution

Featured Products for Broadcast

  • Full full greylock sq

    Greylock HD H.264 Encoder/Decoder

    We designed Greylock for reliable streaming at an affordable price. Greylock supports RTMP streaming as well as unicast and multicast, with HDMI, SDI, and resolutions up to 1080p60. It's perfect for broadcasters who want to capture live events from the field or who want to use IP as part of their production workflow.  

    Product Details

  • Full uhd appliance front

    Shavano 4K HEVC Encoder/Decoder

    Shavano offers the very best video quality and the significant bandwidth savings of HEVC. Whether you're ready for 4K now or just want to use more efficient compression, this product will make sure you're on the cutting edge. Contact us using the form to the right to request information or pre-order.