Houses of Worship

Sharing the messages that matter most.

Message matters more than technology. Churches, synagogues and other houses of worship cannot afford the time or money it takes to set up, learn and use complex technology. That's where Videon comes in. 

Our encoders are a perfect fit for use in houses of worship. They are: 

  • Simple. With a simple user interface and one-button streaming, anyone in your organization can stream an event online. 
  • Reliable. Built and tested in our Pennsylvania facility, our streaming devices are extremely high quality. You can stream 24/7 or at specific times. And if you have questions, our Customer Care team can always help find answers.
  • Versatile. For streaming within buildings over a point to point network, or sharing to a broad audience on the internet, these products can fit your AV workflow. 
Before I found Videon's live streaming products, I used several different encoder products. Greylock offered the same high video quality and a much better user experience. The affordable price point, combined with Videon's technical integration with the MediaFusion platform, makes Greylock very appealing to us and our customers.
Tim Matus, Business Development, MediaFusion
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    Greylock HD H.264 Encoder

    Greylock uses Intel technology to encode HDMI or SDI inputs and and decodes to an HDMI output. Like all Videon products it's designed for ease of use and reliability, and it's a great fit for streaming the messages that matter most. 

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    Original Design Greylock Encoder/Decoder

    This is the original design of our Greylock encoder/decoder, and many faith groups are using this product and loving its simplicity. If you're looking for an HDMI-only solution available now, you will find this a perfect fit--and at an even lower price point.

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