Bringing the connected home experience to aviation.

Our aviation customers develop business jet equipment for clients who expect the same sophisticated entertainment technology in their planes that they have in their home theaters.

Why Videon?

Bringing high-quality AV to a strictly regulated industry like aviation isn’t easy. That’s where Videon comes in. We have deep expertise in the fast-moving consumer electronics world and a long history in in-flight entertainment (IFE). Because of this combined expertise, we support everything from the most established technologies to the cutting edge:

  • Streaming media
  • Blu-ray Disc
  • DVD
  • 4K display processing and UHD Blu-ray

Products and Services

For our IFE customers, we provide SoMs, media software and complete Line-Replaceable Units (LRUs). Our product lines include:

  • Encoder, decoder and transcoder modules for high-quality content.
  • Video servers for streaming media to screens throughout the cabin and to personal electronic devices.
  • Blu-ray and DVD modules and players.
  • Passenger Control Units (PCUs) so passengers can control their entire in-cabin experience.
Your product simply won't fly without certification. We ensure your product meets these plus many other in-flight avionics standards.
  • Full rtca

    RTCA DO-160

    RTCA's Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment describes electrical and environmental tests and standards for avionics. 

  • Full boeing

    Boeing D6-36440

    The Boeing D6-36440 standard offers detailed guidelines for aviation equipment, including tolerances and procedures for manufacture. 

  • Full airbus

    Airbus ADB0100

    Airbus ADB0100 is another avionics standard to ensure the safety of airplane technology. Following these stringent requirements ensures that all flight equipment is safe and durable.

We've worked alongside big names in the aviation industry for many years, designing applications for Rockwell Collins, Honeywell, Rosen and many other customers. With our history of IFE success, we’re a proven solution, offering:

  • Expertise in streaming media and optical-disc technologies.
  • Deep knowledge of the qualification criteria that apply to Cabin Management Systems (CMS) and IFE, including RTCA DO-160, Boeing D6-36440 and Airbus ADB0100.
  • Support for the long lifecycles and detailed maintenance requirements of IFE systems.
  • AS9100C certification to ensure that our facilities and processes are ideally suited for the creation of aviation products.