Engineering Expertise

Development skills for every need.

To customize a media product, you need engineers who are fluent in a wide range of development techniques. Our team of engineers has decades of experience with both hardware and software design, as well as deep insight into how a product progresses all the way from concept to conclusion. Your product will benefit from our expertise.

  • We have more experience than offshore competitors designing new/customized technologies.
  • Our team's spectrum of specialties means that we can explore many possibilities and solutions.
  • Our history designing and developing both hardware and software ensures more rigorous testing and customer solutions that function exactly as specified.
  • Integrated program managers keep the entire process on track, on time and at cost.

Expertise. From start to finish.

Comprehensively listing all the competencies of the Videon engineers would take pages. Here is an overview of what we can do:

Printed circuit board and components inside a Blu-ray player

Hardware Development

  • Electrical skills including high-speed digital design, RF design, Altera & Xilinx FPGA design/simulation and PCB layout
  • Mechanical skills including Solidworks/Auto-cad 3D and 2D design, metal/plastic enclosures, boards, sub-assemblies and cables

Software Development

  • Languages: C/C++, Java, HTML5, Bash, Python, Perl, XML
  • OS and Drivers: Linux, uClinux, Windows, Android
  • Graphics/Video: OpenGL, DirectFB, DirectX/GDI, GStreamer
  • Processors: x86, ARM, MIPS, TI DSP, Freescale PPC, Freescale Coldfire, PIC/8051/Atmel, SuperH
  • Bootloaders: Redboot, U-Boot, Grub, Lilo
  • Agile Scrum development process
  • Complete system architecture, design and validation capabilities including video, graphics, middleware, apps, user interface, streaming media and networking
When we needed an optical disc playback stack, we looked at many industry leaders. We quickly recognized that Videon was the industry standard for this market. Videon's dynamic development process and anticipation of changes in the optical disc market helped us fill the needs of our OEM partners and support first to market products like the LG HD DVD / Blu-ray combo player.
Don Shulsinger, Former VP of Business Development, Broadcom

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