Our authorized licenses give you a head start.

Without the appropriate licenses, media projects are stopped before they start. Videon's extensive list of licenses means that we have access to all of the technical information that allows us to create multimedia products, including chips with the licensed technology built in.

Your Gateway to Cutting-Edge Technologies

By working with a licensee like Videon, you have access to a range of cutting-edge technologies for use in your projects. Additionally, we can advise you regarding the licensing requirements or standards that may affect your product's development.

All the Licenses You'll Ever Need

Videon is a licensee of:

  • DVD Forum
  • DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation
  • Blu-ray Disc Association
  • Blu-ray Disc Association License Agreement--Blu-ray Disc Format and Logo License
  • HDMI
  • AACS
  • BD+
  • HDCP
  • Dolby
  • DTS
  • Macrovision
  • Verance
  • DivX
  • Microsoft Playready
  • Comcast RDK
  • DLNA
  • AAC

With these licenses, we have access to the methodology and standards of all the big players in streaming, optical disc and audio technology. We also participate in important industry groups including the GENIVI Alliance, Blu-ray Disc Association and Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA).

This spectrum of licenses and group participation means that we can create complete solutions, integrating components into smoothly functioning systems for moving media. And of course, through us our customers share this access.

"Videon is a recognized leader in the world of consumer media playback. Avia demonstrates their leadership--it anticipated the streaming media market and consumer needs. At Zonoff, we see the natural integration of media playback and home automation, another area where we know Videon's technologies will combine to create customized solutions."
Mike Harris, Founder and CEO, Zonoff

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