Processes & Standards

Processes to satisfy demanding markets.

Videon has been working in highly-regulated markets almost since the company began. Our experience has shown us that in order to design products for such markets, we need an internal system of quality processes and standards. We use project tracking software, centrally located work instructions and formalized containment processes to ensure that each step in a product's design, development, manufacture and service meets our rigorous standards.

Processes to keep us on track.

Of course, we also have official certifications to confirm that our internal processes are accurate, reliable and repeatable:

  • AS9100C - An Aerospace Standard certification based on and including ISO9001:2008, AS9100C demonstrates compliance with the safety and reliability guidelines of the aviation, space and defense industries. AS9100C requires certification holders to have a Quality Management System (QMS) dedicated to continual improvement as well as high levels of customer satisfaction. You can view our certificate here
  • ITAR - We are a registered ITAR company. This means that we are compliant with all US Government International Traffic in Arms Regulations standards and procedures, including protection of sensitive documents and technologies. 

Methodologies to help us work smart.

We also go to great lengths to streamline our internal work processes. With effective methodologies, we can plan our projects in great detail and know exactly how we'll be able to deliver. Our methodologies include:

  • Scrum - We chose Scrum, an agile software development technique, to improve our workflow. With Scrum, we recognize up front that customer requirements will evolve over the course of the project. Our team works together to meet individual goals and frequently resets, reevaluating the project status and deciding what is necessary to keep overall progress on track. Our teams are co-located, making this collaborative strategy even more effective. Overall, Scrum allows us to eliminate lag time, solve problems together and adjust immediately to changing project requirements.
  • QRM - Much like Scrum, Quick Response Manufacturing focuses on the elimination of lag time and quick adjustment to change. With QRM, an entire cell of workers produces a product from start to finish. Each worker has the same knowledge of how the product is made and tested, and everyone can focus on one product run at a time. This has remarkably reduced lead time and practically eliminated lag time between workers. With QRM, we can schedule large or small product runs without lost efficiency, meet ambitious deadlines and give customers completely consistent products.
Videon’s self-guided QRM implementation has been extremely impressive. After identifying a need for change, their team surmounted several obstacles based on traditional mindsets to create an effective QRM implementation, demonstrating Videon's commitment to manufacturing effectiveness and a time-based mindset. The successes they have realized, and shared with a global audience as presenters during our 2013 QRM International Conference, reflect on the 'can-do' attitude of the Videon Team. I believe the desire to succeed is a key strength that will continue to drive the Videon Central Team to world-class status in manufacturing.
Professor Rajan Suri, Founder of QRM Strategy

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