Ensure EMI compliance by testing early.

Meeting industry regulations is difficult when it comes to electromagnetic interference (EMI). To fully understand a product's EMI tolerances and emissions it must be tested extensively. Too often, problems aren't found until the product is undergoing official certification testing. 

That's where Videon comes in. With Videon's EMI Testing Package you can access the same tools and equipment used at official certification labs, for a fraction of the cost. You can test your product at any phase, from proof of concept and prototype to full manufacture, designing adjustments as you go to ensure EMI standards are met. 

What's included in Videon's EMI Testing Package?

  • 1 hour initial engineering consultation to determine needs and design test plan
  • 1 day of testing in our ETS Lindgren Anechoic Chamber (additional time based on half-day increments)
  • Profile setup and ongoing support from an expert technician during testing
  • Detailed test report document (sample available upon request) containing top-level analysis of faults found and suggested mitigation strategies
I have come to rely on Videon's experience, professionalism and customer support...Their testing and service support has been critical to my company's success.
Bob Thomas, President & CEO, TE3MI Support Services