Turnkey Manufacturing for Compliance

From start to finish, we've got what you need.

Our services are specifically designed to meet electronics manufacturing needs in highly-regulated industries including Aviation, Transportation, Military and more. We're uniquely positioned to build consistent, high-quality products for industries where perfection is a necessity. We can: 

  • Assemble, test and pre-certify board level assemblies as well as complete units.
  • Serve as turnkey manufacturer for start-to-finish product creation.
  • Perform high-quality SMT assembly.
  • Facilitate small prototype runs and large, full product runs.
  • Manage supply chains, production and ongoing lifecycle.

Click here to download a datasheet about our manufacturing services.

Low-volume high-mix? No problem. 

For most manufacturers, high volumes are a necessity. Not here. Our approach to workflow and tasking makes us a highly agile workforce, able to tackle the low-volume, high-mix projects that many other manufacturers avoid. Put our workforce, all cross-trained in compliance requirements and quality assurance, to work for you.

We can function as your dedicated manufacturing department--leaving you free to focus on your core business. We can support you in all of the following ways:

  • Supply chain planning & management
  • Design for manufacture; new product introduction
  • Risk identification & mitigation
  • PCB assembly 
  • Box assembly 
  • Test design and execution
  • Packaging
  • Aftermarket services
  • Project management
  • IPC610 Certified Specialists

Quick Response Manufacturing to Serve You Better

Videon uses QRM, a manufacturing process that employs cell-based division of labor. QRM focuses on reducing lag time: the empty hours and days where products are in between production phases. By cutting lag time rather than touch time, QRM allows manufacturers to maintain extremely high quality standards for actual product creation, while cutting whole days and weeks out of the overall process. Videon's application of QRM has been remarkably successful, allowing us to speed product releases and meet orders quickly--and earning us attention from international manufacturing organizations.

This focus on process is just one example of how Videon's manufacturing is designed to efficiently and effectively meet your needs.

Videon’s self-guided QRM implementation has been extremely impressive. After identifying a need for change, their team surmounted several obstacles based on traditional mindsets to create an effective QRM implementation, demonstrating Videon's commitment to manufacturing effectiveness and a time-based mindset. The successes they have realized, and shared with a global audience as presenters during our 2013 QRM International Conference, reflect on the 'can-do' attitude of the Videon Team. I believe the desire to succeed is a key strength that will continue to drive the Videon Central Team to world-class status in manufacturing.
Professor Rajan Suri, Founder, QRM Strategy