Software Development Kits

Ultra HD SDKs with all the right add-ons.

Speed your video product to market with Videon’s Ultra HD Software Development Kit. The base-level kit allows testing of media applications on Linux and Android platforms. 

With additional licenses and features, this base SDK can be expanded to serve a range of applications, easily enabling products from Blu-ray players to file servers:

Ultra HD Optical

This option provides a turnkey software product to deliver Ultra HD Blu-ray, as well as legacy standards such as Blu-ray Disc, DVD and CD audio. Our optical middleware is currently running in over thirty million devices, so this is a tried-and-true Videon product, plus the latest in Ultra HD.

Ultra HD Streaming AV Over IP 

Add a streaming license to our base SDK, and you have an Ultra HD solution for streaming AV over IP. With this license the SDK can enable many different encoder and decoder product design options.

Ultra HD OTT Streaming

With the addition of the Over-the-Top (OTT) streaming license, you have a ready-made porting interface for all of the popular OTT applications in the market (including Netflix, Vudu, etc.). As more streaming apps are adding 4K and UHD, this market is poised for growth.

Ultra HD File Server / Video Recorder

With the media server license, our SDK can provide a complete file server and video recorder solution. Security is provided via Vidity, a revolutionary new secure storage technology and player combination that lets you access content on many of your favorite devices (phone, tablet, etc.). 


Don't see what you want in the options listed above? Get in touch and we'll customize a solution for your specific application.