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Videon Expands Leadership Team with VP of Engineering Dave Liebert

State College, PA -- Videon Central, a leader in the media technology industry, announced today that Dave Liebert is taking on the role of Vice President of Engineering. With twenty-five years of experience in streaming video and expertise that neatly aligns with Videon’s strategy, Dave is a perfect fit.

Dave comes to Videon from Rovi Corporation, where he was VP of Engineering, managing entertainment store software development. He created white label video on demand services for a range of platforms, including iOS, Android, PC, Mac, TVs, Blu-ray Disc players, Xbox, PS3 and Roku. Before that, his team developed DVD and Blu-ray software stacks for consumer electronics.This extensive experience matches Videon’s software needs: the Avia AV Framework can be integrated with many different platforms as well.

Like many Videon employees, Dave is a Penn State Electrical Engineering alumnus. Before his recent work in software development he worked on hardware as well, in areas including process control, telecommunications and nuclear power.

Having a VP dedicated to software engineering will allow Videon to expand its software applications, including the Avia AV Framework and other digital video software. Providing flexible, cross-platform software solutions is part of what makes Videon valuable for its customers, and this new staff arrangement will support that focus.

“Since we worked on similar technologies, I’ve interacted with Videon through the years,” said Dave. “It’s exciting to be joining a team that I know from experience is reliable, with a strong reputation and good product offerings.”

CEO Todd Erdley welcomed Dave, stating “With his top-notch experience and background, Dave was an easy choice. He has a history of successfully transitioning software concepts to products and has worked with many of the most important companies in the digital video industry. We look forward to learning from and with him as we continue to develop our line of AV products.”


About Videon

Videon develops products for automotive infotainment, in-flight entertainment and the global AV industry that simply, quickly and cost-effectively move digital media. With over 30 million devices using our streaming media, DVD and Blu-ray technology, Videon is a proven partner and supplier to the world’s leading technology companies. Based in State College, Pennsylvania, Videon Central, Inc. was founded in 1997 and is a privately held company. For more information, please visit or call +1 (814) 235-1111.

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