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Bringing High-Tech Manufacturing Services to Central PA

State College PA--What’s the opposite of off-shoring manufacturing to countries where labor is cheaper? Bringing it even closer to home. That’s what Videon Central is doing with its new Manufacturing Services. Though the business has long manufactured and tested its own products, it is now opening its doors and offering Manufacturing and Testing Services to other companies in the Centre Region and beyond.

Videon's EMI ChamberSpecializing in contract manufacturing and product testing for highly-regulated industries, Videon’s facility has equipment to stress products to the point of failure, a process that offers valuable reliability information and guarantees long term quality. “Our chamber can take a product from -100°C to +200°C in less than 5 minutes,” explains Production Manager Ian Urbanik. “Or it can shake the product, simulate lightning strikes, keep it in a humid environment...and in any of those stress scenarios, we identify the weak links of the design. Change that part of the design, and you have a product that will last longer even in rugged circumstances. A more reliable product means fewer field returns and higher bottom line profit.”

Videon’s manufacturing capabilities were a direct outgrowth of the company’s need for high-quality manufacturing and repeated product testing. “We were creating products to be installed in private jets,” explains VP of Manufacturing Rob Bargo. “FAA regulations and other aviation guidelines are extremely strict, and in order to guarantee our products we needed to create a high-quality manufacturing facility in house.” Fifteen years later, the company had refined its processes, quality assurance strategies and procedures to the point where it earned AS9100C, one of the highest Quality Assurance guarantees in the world of manufacturing.

As the Manufacturing side of the business developed, it became clear that there was a need for capital investment in extensive equipment. “We got to a point where we were looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in off-site testing, or a one-time capital expenditure to purchase our own test equipment,” says CEO Todd Erdley. “We bit the bullet and bought the equipment.”

Bringing this advanced equipment into Central PA, and offering its use at a low cost to other regional companies, is enabling more companies to keep their manufacturing local. Previously, startups in the Centre Region might have had to go as far as New York or Ohio for HALT/HASS (Highly Accelerated Life Testing and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening). Now it’s in our backyard--and available on much more flexible terms than are offered at national testing labs. With Videon’s value-added services of complete contract manufacturing, prototyping, and more, it’s a full service offering right here in Central PA.

“It’s a unique sort of access,” explains IMC Director of Client Services Dana Gordon. “Working with their manufacturing services will let local companies improve their products and prove industry compliance. Startups or entrepreneurs developing new products can come here and use what they've built, and larger companies can use them for specialized services or to extend their capacity. Best of all, we can keep all that manufacturing and testing local.”

Interested in Manufacturing Services?

Contact our Customer Care team for additional information or to schedule a time. Drop us a line here or call (814) 235-1111 x303.

About Videon Central

Videon Central develops products for audio/video applications in the Consumer Electronics, Pro AV, Aviation and Automotive industries. With more than 30 million devices using its Ultra HD, streaming media, Blu-ray and DVD technologies, the company is a partner to the world’s leading technology companies and AV product developers. Videon manufactures many of its own products and offers Manufacturing and Testing Services to external customers. Based in State College, Pa., Videon was founded in 1997 and is a privately held company.
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