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Videon Partners with Intel to Introduce Affordable Products to Simplify Video Streaming

State College, PA – Live streaming is more than a trend: it’s becoming an expectation for most events. Schools, houses of worship, sports teams and broadcasters are all looking for live streaming solutions to bring their content to viewers at home. Videon’s latest product line, based on partnership with Intel, offers HD encoders and decoders to stream video affordably and reliably.

The Greylock HD H.264 Encoder/Decoder is a high performance encoder/decoder that supports both HDMI and SDI inputs. Based on the Intel® AtomTM CE5300 Dual Core media processor, Greylock brings this advanced consumer electronics processor to the Pro AV market. With a dedicated hardware encoder, users can easily convert their camera’s HDMI or SDI data into an encoded stream that can be sent online, reducing the network bandwidth necessary to stream quality video.

Designed for applications where cost and mobile use are important, Greylock supports resolutions up to 1080p60 and offers a small form factor, simple setup, push-button streaming and multiple streaming formats (including unicast, multicast and RTMP). Greylock’s professional-grade encode with built-in decode adds convenience and confidence with the ability to preview the stream. And support of multiple streaming formats means that Greylock works with a wide variety of online video providers and CDNs.

Greylock fits into a variety of AV workflows and is ideally suited for applications including Education, Digital Signage, Live Events, Houses of Worship and Broadcast.

Greylock is the flagship product in a new product line for Videon, focused on bringing high-quality encoders and decoders to an affordable price point. For customers that need an encoder-only solution, the Empire HD Encoder brings Greylock’s features (minus the decode) to an even more affordable device. And for those who need decode-only, the Washington HD Decoder rounds out the product offering. All are based on Intel’s CE5300, and all offer flexible pricing options.

“We’re excited to introduce Greylock as an affordable, high quality solution with Intel technology,” says Videon CEO Todd Erdley. “Our partnership with Intel enables us to deliver products based on one of the most trusted names in silicon, scaled to offer affordability. Videon has a long history working with Intel. We’ve assisted Intel bringing many products to market in the world of digital video, ranging from Blu-ray players to Smart TV products. This is another example of our partnership working to bring cutting-edge technology from Intel to another market. The CE5300 is one of the industry’s most successful media processors, affirming that it offers the highest level of video quality, general flexibility and reliability. With outstanding graphics and processing based on its Intel Atom core, it can be quickly adapted and applied to a wide range of markets such as broadcast, live events, and education.”

Videon Central develops products for audio/video applications in the Consumer Electronics, Pro AV, Aviation and Automotive industries. With more than 30 million devices using its Ultra HD, streaming media, Blu-ray and DVD technologies, the company is a partner to the world’s leading technology companies and AV product developers. Videon manufactures many of its own products and offers Manufacturing and Testing Services to external customers. Based in State College, Pa., Videon was founded in 1997 and is a privately held company.


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