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Videon Certified as Partner Laboratory for Qualmark, Developer of Accelerated Reliability Testing

State College, PA -- All manufacturers want to produce quality products. But for industries like medical, military and aviation, the quality standards are especially high. Failure in those industries is both expensive and dangerous. Videon’s new position as a Qualmark Partner Lab officially recognizes our expertise in helping manufacturers meet those challenging quality standards.

Qualmark is the world’s largest manufacturer of environmental testing chambers, and their HALT/HASS tests are industry standards. Qualmark developed HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) to test products at the design stage and the production stage. By subjecting products to specific patterns of temperature and vibration stress, HALT and HASS let manufacturers avoid failures, warranty spikes and recalls, while increasing the overall reliability of their products.

We’ve been using HALT/HASS on our own products for a decade and have found remarkable results, including significant reductions in returns and out-of-box failures. Recognizing Videon’s expertise in the HALT/HASS method, Qualmark invited our technicians to their facility in Colorado for a week of intensive training.

As a result, Videon has been awarded status as a Qualmark ARTC (Accelerated Reliability Testing Center). Becoming a Qualmark partner lab is a “recognition of what we have already done in providing HALT/HASS services,” explains Videon VP of Manufacturing Rob Bargo. “As one of only a dozen partner labs in North America, Videon has proven our ability to apply HALT/HASS to help manufacturers solve complex quality problems. We are happy to have Qualmark’s support and official recognition of our skill.”

Qualmark’s Professional Services Manager, Mr. Danny Loftin, comments: “Videon’s enthusiastic support for HALT/HASS is helping us show manufacturers the significant benefits of accelerated reliability testing. As the tests become requirements not only for aviation but also for the military and other highly-regulated fields, we rely on labs like Videon to help manufacturers learn about the new testing type and try it out before deciding whether to buy equipment of their own.”

Videon Central develops products for audio/video applications in the Consumer Electronics, Pro AV, Aviation and Automotive industries. With more than 30 million devices using its Ultra HD, streaming media, Blu-ray and DVD technologies, the company is a partner to the world’s leading technology companies and AV product developers. Videon manufactures many of its own products and offers Manufacturing and Testing Services to external customers. Based in State College, Pa., Videon was founded in 1997 and is a privately held company.

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