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Videon Earns Bicycle Friendly Business Award

Washington, D.C. -- The League of American Bicyclists announced that Videon Central, Inc. has been awarded the "Bicycle Friendly Business" (BFB) Bronze level award in a divers and groundbreaking number of 111 new BFBs. The variety in the type and size of businesses applying for the BFB award shows the many different ways to create a Bicycle Friendly Business. Videon applied for the designation to confirm its commitment to encourage and enable employees to ride bikes, and the company has worked hard to increase bicycle friendliness in the workplace. They join the ranks of the other 252 BFBs.

"We are happy to recognize Videon Central for their investment in bicycling as a vehicle for improved employee health, social responsibility, and economic growth," said League president Andy Clarke. "Some of the most successful companies in the world are showing that investing in bicycling is good not only for health and sustainability but also for the bottom line."

Businesses that strive to become bicycle friendly do more than improve the workplace. They contribute to the community and improve their overall earnings. Todd Erdley, Videon Central's President and CEO, said, "We are honored to be the first business in State College, Pennsylvania to promote bicycling." Through its Velo Videon program, bicycling is promoted to Videon employees as an economical and healthy option for transportation, an enjoyable form of exercise, and a fun way to connect with coworkers through group rides. This forward-thinking company provides amenities such as shower facilities, indoor bike parking, and basic bike maintenance tools for employee use, and offers incentives such as credit towards the purchase of a new bike for employee commitments to ride at least three times a week. Mr. Erdley went on to say, "We are super excited that the benefits we've seen from this program are far beyond what we ever imagined. After implementing Velo Videon in May as part of a wellness initiative, there has been a noticeable increase in employee camaraderie, positivie attitude, energy level, fitness, and personal goal setting. We look forward to showcasing our program with outher businesses in the community, and plan to support the efforts currently underway to earn recognition for State College and the Centre Region as a Bike Friendly Community."

"We are proud of the roadmap that the Bicycle Friendly Business program provides and how Videon Central used it to transform into a Bronze level BFB," said Bill Nesper, Director of the League's Bicycle Friendly America program.

Videon Central and our accompanying fall 2011 BFBs have taken advantage of the free tools and technical assistance that the League offers. The League guides companies through many simple, effective, and creative ways to get businesses and their employees biking and encouraging bicycling in the workplace. When our employees bike, great things happen: reduced health care costs, connection to community, and a fun and healthy work culture.

To apply or learn more about the free BFB program, visit the League online at

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