Success Stories

Optical Disc Player for Audio International


Audio International wanted to capitalize on the growing popularity of Blu-ray Disc players, adding to its list of in-flight entertainment possibilities. But there was no IFE Blu-ray decoder on the market. The company that AI worked with to develop many of its IFE products was willing to build a player from the ground up, but AI wanted to use its own manufacturing facilities. Basically, they needed a chip, licensing and middleware for a new category of product: an IFE Blu-ray player.


Videon's customizable menu of products and services allowed us to give AI precisely what they wanted. We have partnerships with the top semiconductor companies, so we had access to the silicon that formed the foundation of the product. We are a licensee for a wide range of technology standards, so we developed software for those standards without requiring AI to purchase its own licenses. And we have a team of engineers with experience developing software for highly-regulated industries, so we were easily able to build a highly-functional board.


Ultimately, we designed our Frasier board--a board plus middleware solution designed specifically for an IFE Blu-ray player. The Frasier board has been a great success, and our ability to design based on AI's exact needs gave them an efficient and cost-effective way to reach into a new market.