Success Stories

Middleware and Integration for Google TV™


In the early phases of developing a Blu-ray Disc player featuring Google TV™, a leading CE manufacturer faced challenges. They were helping establish a new product category now broadly known as Smart TV. Integrating this multi-application product into a unified, stable player was a complex software design and implementation project.


Videon accelerated time to market and helped solve unforeseen problems in two ways. We licensed our Avia optical disc middleware for Blu-ray Disc / DVD playback, and we integrated this solution into the broader Android-based Google TV™ framework. We also provided customization, development and validation services to ensure the end product delivered a smooth end-user experience with a simple interface.


The result of this process was a successful launch for one of the first Internet Television and Blu-ray products featuring Google TV™. Not only was it considered one of the best Blu-ray Disc players available (with excellent critical ratings and customer reviews), but also it won Best of Show at CES 2007. Videon's Avia technology combined with integration and validation services were critical to its success. As consumer electronics devices move away from single application products to multi-function devices, these capabilities are particularly relevant.