Success Stories

Dual Disc Player for Rockwell Collins


Rockwell came to us to design and manufacture a dual disc player for use in business jets. Since planes have a much longer lifespan than consumer electronics devices, the footprint of the player had been determined by earlier LRUs. And since the player was to be installed in the most exclusive private jets, it had to offer uncompromising media quality and ease of use.


Our solution began with the chip. Since we have partnerships with many of the top semiconductor companies worldwide, we were able to invite Rockwell to our in-house theater for a side-by-side comparison of the different chips we could use to make their product. They were able to directly compare tradeoffs like graphics performance, boot times, responsiveness and cooling, hand-picking the chip that met their needs perfectly. From there, we applied Videon’s longstanding optical disc expertise to design, develop, manufacture and test the player.


Our extensive in-house pre-certification testing ensured that the products we supplied were ready for immediate integration into the airplane systems. The resulting player was an excellent fit for Rockwell’s needs—and the existing media player footprint in the jets.