Success Stories

High-Definition Touch Screen for Rockwell Collins


In 2007, Rockwell came to us with a vision for a product. They wanted a touch screen solution for use in aircraft. But they didn’t want the type of spongy, resistive touchscreen that was common at the time—they wanted the cutting-edge capacitive touch screen that had recently been showcased on the iPhone. Moreover, they wanted the screen to be big (over ten inches), to use passive cooling and to meet demanding aviation certification requirements.


To solve Rockwell’s problem, we had to overcome a multitude of technical hurdles. Large capacitive touch screens were unheard of at the time, so we worked with multiple third party contractors and our engineers extensively researched and planned every step of the design process, from glass etching to glue application. Cooling a fast-processor device without a fan was also a new technique in the industry, so we developed innovative passive cooling solutions to meet Rockwell’s touch temperature specifications. 


Working from the solid foundation of an Intel Atom processor, we were ultimately able to combine all of these new technologies into an elegant LRU. Our high-quality, AS9100 certified manufacuring team established a smooth and sustainable manufacturing process that we are still using for the products today. Thousands of the touchscreens are installed on private jets as well as standard passenger planes. Not only do they meet FAA regulations, they also meet the more stringent Boeing and Airbus regulations, expanding the market for our customer. With this product, we took a customer’s visionary idea and brought it to life.