Success Stories

DaCast API Integration Success Story


DaCast Streaming as a Service™ is a self-service, white-label, online video platform delivering live and VOD streaming over the Akamai CDN. It includes a comprehensive set of web-based streaming configuration and paywall tools.  Over 90,000 video producers used DaCast so far.

The biggest challenges that DaCast's customers face when deciding on an encoder are cost and ease of use, followed by configuration of specific settings like bitrates, use of multiple sources, achieving best quality streams, and Mac / Windows compatibility.


We completed an API integration with DaCast to quickly establish a link with a user's DaCast account enabling a very simple setup within Videon's user interface. Only one key is needed to get a list of live channels from DaCast in Videon's encoding configuration, without extra steps such as authentification. 


The integration between Videon's hardware and DaCast's online streaming software creates an affordable and user-friendly streaming and monetization system. Since Videon's hardware doesn't require PC or Mac compatibility and can fit into a variety of streaing workflows, users can "set and forget" their encoder/decoder devices and access DaCast's streaming service from any computer.