Success Stories

Middleware for Broadcom and Sand Video


One of our greatest skills is the ability to scale our solutions to work with customers of different sizes on both the semiconductor-provider and OEM sides of the consumer electronics industry. Our work with Sand Video and Broadcom exemplifies this flexibility. The initial challenge came when Sand Video approached us for help with a DVD player. Once Sand Video was acquired by Broadcom, they also asked us to expand that software package to accomodate their new HD DVD product.


Our solution for Sand Video was a straightforward application of our optical disc middleware. After evaluating our DVD code against that of other software industry leaders, they selected our code and became a licensee of Videon software. The solution for Broadcom was more complex, involving an expansion of the software package for specific HD DVD features and requirements. The solution was developed even further when a leading OEM partnered with Broadcom to create a combination HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc player. We were a natural addition to the partnership, and ultimately Videon developed the middleware that would facilitate this new type of player.


The results of this process were a basic disc player, a more advanced HD DVD player and a first-of-its-kind hybrid optical disc player. Our combo software stack worked wonderfully and played an integral role in that industry-first player. Clearly, Videon proved our ability to work with customers both large and small, on the chip and the OEM sides of the market.