Success Stories

Cabin Technology for Lufthansa Technik AG


Lufthansa Technik AG was developing a cabin technology solution for business jet aircraft. Designing the whole ship set presented a number of integration challenges--one of the primary issues being encoding and decoding media onto an ethernet network and integrating DVD technology. The media management and integration had to work together and to function smoothly as part of the overall system and the relevant aircraft interfaces. And of course, the standard constraints of working in the highly–regulated aviation industry also applied. 


Lufthansa Technik AG came to Videon to tap into their expertise in the areas of media encoding, decoding and DVD technology. Together we designed, developed and manufactured the necessary components such as MPEG encoders, MPEG decoders, displays and DVD Players. By working with our customer from the conceptual phase through aircraft integration we were able to support a smooth entry into service for the system. 


The resulting solution was very successful. Most importantly, Videon has taken charge of ongoing support for the products, meaning that we have helped Lufthansa Technik AG maintain the systems through supply chain changes, EOL products and other redesigns. Not only did our customers get a highly-functioning solution, they also got a solution that we can maintain for years longer than a normal consumer electronics product.