Success Stories

IPTV Set-Top Box for Freebox


Freebox's Revolution 6 is an IPTV set-top box that revolutionized the set-top box industry by combining over-the-top content (OTT), gaming and other features. While in development, it required Blu-ray Disc and DVD software to complete the package. Moreover, as with many multi-function devices, the Revolution 6's various capabilities had to integrate seamlessly with an intuitive user interface.


We provided Freebox with our Blu-ray Disc and DVD middleware software, working to integrate that software with the existing Revolution 6 platform. Our intellectual capital served us well in this project: with our system and industry knowledge, we were actually able to accelerate Freebox's planned certification testing and product qualification requirements. We met Freebox's extremely ambitious product release schedule, taking roughly six months from the start of the project until the product was on shelves. Not only did we have an excellent product--we had it ready to go in just a few months!


With smooth integration of features and a simple interface, this radical new device was an immediate success. It has shipped over three million units in its first two years of production, solidifying Freebox's place in a competitive market.