Success Stories

Streaming Media Player for Medion


Medion was creating an Android-based digital media adapter box. The box would plug directly into a TV and play content from the Internet, from an internal hard drive and from the user’s home network. Medion needed a media player, with DLNA support, that could seamlessly manage all of these types of content.


Our solution was to license our Avia media player for use on Medion’s device. We adjusted the features and functionality of the player to work alongside the Medion device’s capabilities. And when there was an integration issue with third party software used in the product, we helped troubleshoot the integration issues and adjusted our software as needed.


The result was an adapter box running a totally customized version of Avia. Not only is the back end of the player modified to adapt to Medion’s needs, we also changed the user interface to provide a consistent “feel” with the rest of the product. The end product is seamless.