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Red5 Pro and Videon

Enable an Inexpensive, 200ms Real Time Latency End to End Workflow Solution

We’ve worked with Red5 Pro to provide a WebRTC workflow using Red5 Pro Real Time Streaming platform in conjunction with our VersaStreamer 4K Encoder resulting in a  200ms end to end latency. This workflow answers the rapidly growing need for high-quality streaming that benefits from real-time latency.

Red5 Pro and Videon have joined forces to bring real-time latency live video streaming to the mass market. Users are in need of an easy to use, real-time latency workflow that mitigates the often confusing and cumbersome nature of livestreaming setups. 

The workflow includes...

  • Optimized settings for both the Red5 Pro Real Time Streaming Platform and Videon VersaStreamer 4K to ensure the lowest possible latency implementations
  • A process that allows users to achieve real-time latency which enables a wide range of new applications including remote learning, gaming, auctions, remote production, enterprise applications, government applications, and literally any application that benefits from real-time latency.
  • A combined Videon and Red5 Pro workflow that is not only fast, but it is also inexpensive and can be applied to anywhere from small to massive concurrent viewer applications

You can find a more in-depth look at the process of setting up a low latency workflow and the impressive ultra-low latency results achievable when pairing Videon encoders with Red5 Pro’s cloud-based streaming platform here.


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