Videon Insights

  • Streaming Media Services - Streaming media is changing everything--we hear that all the time. But what are the details of what streaming means, and how is it changing specific types of entertainment consumption?
  • Technology Cycles in AV - We've been in this industry a long time, and we've seen the technology cycle repeat itself over and over again. Another round of the cycle is starting right now. What does that mean for you and your business? 
  • Ultra HD - Ultra HD is the new standard, but it means a lot more than most people think. More than just 4K, Ultra HD includes changes to color specs, image processing and framerates. (Or check out a shorter version here.)
  • Blu-ray Market Outlook - Are optical discs still relevant? How will that market change in the coming decade? 
  • Make vs. Buy - Why Videon? This Insight explains how your problems can be solved by leveraging Videon's partnerships and engineers to craft the perfect product for your application. 
  • Five Key Attributes of AV Distribution -  AV installers know that choosing the right distribution method can make or break an installation. Here, we review five of the top questions that installers consider as they pick a method. 
  • HALT/HASS Testing - This piece offers a non-technical overview of HALT and HASS processes and why they're imprortant for engineering designers and manufacturers. (For technical details, see our datasheets listed further down on this page.)

Product Datasheets and Manual

Product Tools

  • Startup Guides: all the info you need to get up and running quickly
  • Discovery Application: Need help setting up one of your Videon devices? Download the Videon Discovery Application to automatically locate all Videon devices on the network, obtain a list of their IP addresses, and access the web user interface.
  • REST API documentation
  • Latest firmware update (8/3/18) for all Videon Encoders and Decoders. (Download the file, then upload it to your device through the Advanced Settings configuration tab of the web user interface. See product manual for detailed instructions.)

Manufacturing & Testing Services Datasheets